Stop at Torre del Oro


Stop at Torre del Oro

This 13th century defensive tower was built to protect the city from invasion by “sea”. It was originally attached to a large wall that closed off passage to the Arenal and protected the Alcázar. Some 36 m high, it served to defend the port, by the same token constituting one of the city’s key points of defence. Today it houses a maritime museum belonging to the Spanish navy, where there is an exhibition of the seafaring history of the city, including the Race to the Find an Alternative Route to India.

Did you know? Popular belief has it that the tower was covered by golden tiles that shone in the sun, thus explaining its name as the Golden Tower. The fact is, however, these tiles never existed; the shine was caused by the lime mortar and pressed straw facing.

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$ Monthly
  • Website
  • Telephone
  • 954 22 24 19
  • Opening hours
  • Monday - Friday (09:30 - 18:45h)
    Saturday - Sunday (10:30 - 18:45h)
  • General admission price
  • 3 €
    (Voluntary donation for the upkeep of the museum)

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