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As is the case with practically all of the city’s buildings, the Real Alcázar attests to the historical wealth to be found in the streets of Seville. Though originally built in the High Middle Ages, subsequent modifications greatly enriched its architectural identity, containing as it does Mudejar, Islamic, Gothic, Renaissance, Mannerist and Baroque elements. It is currently the oldest palatial complex still in use in Europe, accommodating as it does the royal family when they visit the city. Did you know? The palace has a courtyard called the Patio de las muñecas (Courtyard of Dolls). It is said that there are nine dolls carved into the walls there that bring luck and good fortune to those who find them.

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Just one ticket (valid for 2 days in a row) offers you the chance to enjoy Seville, hopping on and off the bus as often as you like. 


$ Monthly
  • Website
  • Telephone
  • 954 50 23 24
  • Opening hours
  • Monday - Sunday (9.30 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.)
  • General admission price
  • €13.50 (Check the website for discounts and special prices)

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