Stop at Plaza de Armas


Stop at Plaza de Armas

Known colloquially as Cordoba station, this was a terminal railway station located in the Spanish city of Seville, in the province of the same name, and was operational between 1901 and 1990. It would be equipped with important railway facilities. For many years it was also one of the main railway stations in Seville, being the terminus for trains from la Meseta, Cordoba, Huelva and Extremadura. In addition to the neo-Mudejar passenger building, the station consisted of a complex with freight and marshalling yards. After its closure, the building was refurbished and now houses a shopping centre and a café-theatre.

Did you know? Inspired by the Great Mosque of Tangier and the Patio de los Leones of the Alhambra in Granada, it is divided into three parts. The central and broadest part is enclosed on one side by a large glass and iron window formed by poly-lobed arches, while the opposite side is open to allow the transit of trains, which left the station perpendicular to the main entrance of the building, the station being a cul de sac.

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